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You may have noticed humanity hurtling towards the problematic. Nature has designed solutions for us. The skills of evolution are a blueprint for us to emerge from crisis and thrive. But first we must grow up and focus. Ready?

Discover the skills of evolution and apply them to emerge from crisis and thrive.

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I’m a consultant, writer, and whisperer of human potential. One day I met a world-renowned evolution biologist. Our conversations about the attributes our species must learn to survive fascinated me. It sparked connections with ideas I had developed working with social enterprise and the concept of business doing good. Eventually I designed a framework for unleashing evolutionary potential, The 12 Natural Skills, that has become my passion and the foundation for most of my work.

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Musings and Conversations to Unleash Evolutionary Potential


Consultant-coach-writer designs a framework to unleash evolutionary potential after curiously inspiring conversations with a renowned evolution biologist.